Getting to and from

Our clients generally arrive to Essaouira by private car transfer that we arrange at the hotel. Essaouira is also well disserved by bus from all major Moroccan cities. The most reliable companies being CTM and Supratour.

Getting Around

You can walk around Essaouira for the most part, that’s the charm of this town. Petit taxis are the best way to get further around (although they can’t go into the Medina). You can rent bicycles in town as well, do ask a member if our staff to put in contact with one of our partners.

Gnaoua Festival

The Gnaoua World Music Festival is held for 3 days, every June, and is Essaouira’s biggest annual event. The Gnaoua people are descendants of slaves originating from Black Africa who established brotherhoods throughout Morocco. They are made up of master musicians (maalem), metal castanet players, clairvoyants, mediums, and their followers. This festival showcases their talents as well as that of international musicians who have embraced this form of music and mysticism. Do consider looking at our availability in advance, as we are generally fully booked for the Festival.


Essaouira doesn’t necessarily have the best hammams, but again, if the larger affairs in the cities didn’t tempt you, this is a good place to try a traditional Moroccan steam bath. The sexes don’t mix obviously, so this is a really great way to meet some local Moroccan women (if you’re a woman). Opt for a scrub down with traditional black soap, it’s really a treat. Alternatively, you might consider doing a private hammam at our Oriental Spa.