The Villa Maroc is much more than hotel, family owned since 1995, it is a place where guests leave as friends, and come back many times again. We offer Moroccan hospitality at its finest and try to make you feel at home during your stay with us. We want our guests to discover and appreciate Morocco, thus, you will find throughout the hotel local art, handcraft and antiquities that will make you discover the difference kinds of artisanat that is created in Morocco. And most importantly, we love sharing what we know, so do reach out to us, for anything that you need.

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We pride ourselves on our staff at Villa Maroc

the 35 members of our team have been with us for a long time and are a big part of your experience of Moroccan Hospitality.


All of them work hard to make you feel welcome and at home during your stay with us, from the little invisible things to the larger actions.

Sustainable Tourism

The protection of our environment is an important part of the way we think at Villa Maroc. We take small steps to protect the environment, that we believe will, in the long run, make an impact. That is why we do our best to contribute to the protection and conservation of the environment on every single day.

Our philosophy is simple
We buy local.
We employ local and train on the spot.
We use as much renewable energy as we can.
We take care of our water, that is why we mostly have showers in our bathrooms.
We don't waste food, which is why our dinner menus are booked in advance.

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