How to choose the best guest house in morocco?

In order to spend unforgettable holidays, why don’t you stay in a guesthouse in Morocco ? The ideal riad should provide you at least with a high quality of services, a safe location and a welcoming and helpful staff…

The perfect location to discover the medina’s beauties

In most of the main cities of Morocco, there is a modern area and the ancient walled medina besides. Usually, the new town hosts mostly hotels and resorts. To find an authentic and traditional guest house in Essaouira or in Marrakech, you should look for a riad, house built around an inner courtyard, located in the old town. According to national law, any guesthouse in Morocco must be in a touristic area and respect the traditional ways of construction.


So, one advantage in renting a guesthouse is to have all the worth seeing places at an easy walking distance, especially the famous souks. Furthermore, riads are welcoming their hosts for a truly unique experience, with roof terraces and balconies overlooking the courtyard. Their prices usually vary from budget to luxurious.

A range of services linked to the rating of the riads

The riads are classified as charming guesthouses, first class and second class. Booking a room in a classified riad ensures you that the establishment offers good hygiene and security conditions in addition to trained employees. In every guest house in Essaouira or another city, the staff has to be dressed in traditional Moroccan clothes and to be able to speak French and another foreign language. The first class guesthouses are luxurious, offering a maximum of 30 rooms or suites while the second class ones provide with a similar and good level of services within a simpler environment. Air-conditioned and phone facilities are always available. In the so-called charming category, you will be seduced by an exceptional architecture, an amazing decoration, gastronomic meals and fitness centre with hammam, jacuzzi, massages…


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