Oriental Delight :
Hammam session , scrub with traditional black soap and kassa , body wrap with salt, honey & argan oil and a 45 minutes relaxing massage.

Traditional beauty : 
Hammam session , scrub with traditional black soap and kassa , ghassoul body wrap and energizing 10 minutes short massage with arganoil.

Steam Bath : 
You receive black soap and a ” kassa “.


The voluptuous care :
Softness for the back. Ghassoul cataplasm for the back with a foot massage, followed by a back stretching.

The Coco care :
Soft massage / scrub with coconut & milk. Cleanses and purifies the skin.

Oriental Massage :
Massage with fragrant herbs and very relaxing hot argan oil – soothes pain .

Royal four hands massage :

Massage performed by two practitioners simultaneously.

Californian massage : full body massage with argan oil
Provides deep relaxation by slow and enveloping movements for a total well-being of the body.

Swedish Stretching :
Tonic movements of Nordic inspiration , ideal for release tiredness. Oxygenates the muscle mass.

Ayurvedic Massage :
Rebalancing massage, harmonizing and very relaxing.

Scalp massage :
Well-being massage for neck , trapezius and scalp.

Foot Relaxation :
Massage by digito pressures of the foot reflex points which promotes the elimination of stress.

Beauty care

Skincare with natural and organic products
Scrub, massage and mask
Oriental beauty of the feet
Oriental beauty of hands
Extra polish or french